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ZK2108X4C/300 Counter-roatry deep hole drilling machine with good entrance precision

ZK2108X4C/300 Counter-roatry deep hole drilling machine with good entrance precision

For this counter-rotary four-spindle gun drilling machine, it mainly use to drill the small hole diameter from 1.5mm to 8mm, which drill from the two sides to get a higher entrance precision. And it can process 22 workpiece at a time, which greatly improve the processing efficiency.


ZK2108X4C/300 counter-rotary four-spindle deep hole drilling machine 

Main technical parameter

Processing Ability

1.No. of spindle: 4 PCS(each side has 2 spindles)

2. Drilling diameter: 1.5mm---8mm

3.Drilling legth:300mm(from one side)

4.Outside diameter of the workpiece: ≤φ8.0mm

5.Workpiece length: 110mm---320mm

6.Quantity of the workpiece on the rack: 22pcs

Processing Speed

1 Max. rotary speed of the drill stem:15000r/min.

2 Rotary speed of the workpiece: 0 r/min.

3Feed speed range: ≤1500mm/min.

4 Fast moving speed: ≤2000mm/min.

5. Moving speed of rack: 2000mm/min.

Processing Precision

1 Skewness of drilling hole: ≤1.0/1000 drilling length(workpiece fixed, draw ratio≤100 )

2 Dimension accuracy: IT8---IT11

3 Roughness of the drilling hole: Ra0.4—Ra1.6

Power of Machine

1 Power of drill stem motor: 2X2.2KW(one motor for 2 spindles)

2 Power of oil pump: 2X4.0KW(one oil pump for two spindles)

3 Power of feed motor: 2X1.8 KW

4 Power of oil temperature coolant machine:2.87KW

Hydraulic System

1 Max. flow 4X20 L/Min

2 Max. pressure:16MPa

3 Filter precision: 10um.

4 Oil capacity: 960L

Basic Dimension & Weight

1 Ground area(L*W*H): 4000*3000*1800

2 Distance between drill stem center and ground:1070mm

3Height from drill stem center to guide rail: 297mm

4. Distance between spindles: 220mm

5.Weight of machine: 6.5T

Machine processing part


Typical application: step hole of ejector sleeve, cam shaft etc. shaft parts.


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