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GSM is equipped with its own deep hole drilling center, capable for drilling axial parts like camshaft, gear shaft as well special type of workpiece. Our drilling center accept small volume, individual and heavy volume drilling.
For in-coming material requirement, the material information like code, hardness is required, to ensure drilling quality and promote efficiency, the processing requirement should be as clear as possible.

Drawing is always welcome, the processing symbol should be clearly showed. For in-coming documents from the client, GSM has strict privacy policy, all documents will not be released to the third party unless permitted by the client.
GSM provide material purchasing service for sub-contract. Because of the different coding between foreign countries and China, the requirement should clearly indicate the kinds of material, chemical element in the material, etc.
Before finished workpiece's delivery, GSM will test roughness, dimension accuracy ,etc. and report the result. For testing, GSM has complete testing equipment as wall thickness meter, rough instrument, three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc.



>>Mining Machinery

Hydraulic support of coal industry contains various components such as cylinder rod, plunger, oil cylinder, etc. which requires high quality of deep hole drilling.In concequence, the manufacturing requires high quality of deep hole drilling machine.

Typical Parts:   cylinder rod, plunger, oil cylinder, etc.            
GSM Machine:ZK2130E/2500 ; ZK2120*2C/1000

>>Automotive Parts Industry

From manufacturing of power assembly, parts to car body, mould and tooling, gundrilling is frequently required processing method to realize lubrication, weight loosing, oil injection, etc. T

Typical Parts: gear rack, gear shaft, cam shaft, pin roll, fuel spray nozzle

GSM Machine :  ZK2115*4B/500 ; ZK2108*4B/500 ; ZK2125*4B/500

>>Mold Industry

No matter metal mold, plastic mold and special mold, during application, cooling is very important. In manufacturing of mold, coolant water hole required precise deep hole drilling, besides, deep hole drilling is also a key processing of some kinds of mold's shaping. Three coordinate gundrilling machine is a normal machine used in drilling deep hole of mold. In GSM,

GSM Machine:ZK21F series ; ZK21G series gundrilling machine

>>Hydraulic Cylinder Industry

As a kind of processing before honing, requires high straightness and roughness of drilling. In this industry, BTA drilling is normal deep hole drilling method. The BTA drill head can be assembled of drilling and reaming to reach honing effect by one-time drilling.

Typical Parts: hydraulic cylinder

GSM Machine: BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine


>>Medical Parts Industry

The material usually are stainless steel, titanium alloy , etc,  the drilling hole diameter is normal Φ1.0-Φ4.0mm which is small deep hole. In this case, the deep hole drilling machine should contain higher oil pressure(above 10Mpa), higher rotary speed (above 10000 r/min), higher clamping precision and higher accurate dimension of guide sleeve.

GSM Machine: ZK2108*2B/500 ; ZK2108*4B/500

>>Rock Drilling Machinery

A lot of rock drilling machine's parts require deep hole drilling during manufacturing. Such parts contain high hardness and rigidity, so that requires higher rigidity of deep hole drilling machine. Among GSM's series, GSM Machine:ZK2160DB/1000 ; ZK2180DB/1000 ; ZK21100D/1000

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