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Odering Code

This diagram will help you for better understanding of GSM's marking regulation of deep hole drilling machine

and gun drill. When make selection by models of GSM's machines. Use this diagram for quick selection, or just tell us

your drilling requirement, material, etc. through email ,and left the rest of the work for us.

Deep Hole Drilling Machine Ordering Code

Gun Drill Odering Code

Example: GSM03-QZ-16030X0630.05.N

Drill DiameterΦ16.03mm; Total Length630mm; Φ20X110 Drill Stock; Titanium Ntride Coating

Gun Drill Length Calculation

1.The normal size of blade diameter of gun drilling can be subdivided into 0.01mm according to customized 


2.When ordering, please indicate as per standard showed in the picture or just contact GSM by to follow the technical conduction.

3.The material information of workpiece which will be machined is necessary when making accurate order.

4.Drawing may be required, in case the ordered stock type is not included in GSM’s series.

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