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Characteristic Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Dec 12, 2016

After the development of technology, the CNC deep hole drilling machine and CNC gun drilling tooling have gotten a good improvement, and also we have formed our own features.

In the southwest area, they mainly produce gear processing machine, small type machine, special production line machine and other tooling. Chongqing machine Co., Ltd. , which mainly develop all kinds of gear processing machine, the sales amount of gear processing machine account for 41% of the whole year amount , the sales quantity processing machine account for 32% of the whole year quantity in 2005, besides CNC machine account for 29% sales quantity.

In the northeast area, it mainly produce gear grinding machine, CNC lathe machine, machining center, tooling and other functional accessory. For qinchuang machine factory, which mainly produce all kinds of gear grinding machine; Baoji machine tool works, which mainly produce CNC lathe machine; Ningxia Yinchuan machine plant and Qinghai machine Co., Ltd. , which mainly produce milling machine and machining center; Hanchuan machine plant mainly produce boring machine and machining center.

In the middle area, heavy machine sales amount account for 17% in the whole amount. And it mainly produce heavy machine and CNC system. Wuhan heavy machine company mainly produce heavy machine tools, and its sales amount account for 11% in the whole amount, and sales quantity account for 17% in the whole quantity.

In the Bohai sea area, including the Beiing, Tianjinarea. Beijing area mainly produce machining center CNC precision special grinding machine, heavy milling machine and CNC system. The representatives are Beijing Number One machinery plant, Beijing FANUC electromechanical Co., Ltd.

In pearl Rive Delta area, it forms a basis of CNC lathe machine and CNC system and functional accessory. Guangzhou machine tool plant mainly produce lathe machine; Guangdong kaite precision company mainly produce ball screw and guide rail etc. accessory. 

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