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6S Around Us

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 29, 2016

 The carry out of 5s has greatly improve the working environment of our company. The safe production and clean working environment has a good influence towards every workers. And connected with 5s, we point out another item--safe production, now, it’s 6s.

Under the carry out of 6s, there is a good influence:

  1) improve the efficiency: the parts is in position, which is convenient for working.

  2) durability: the workers are all obey the standard,and keep it.

  3) beautiful outlook: no matter from our machine and workers, it’s more suitable for working.

Now, let’s see the difference of 6s:

From the clothing:

Happy working&happy life

Study place, improve the skills

Good working environment

Working place, tidy&clean

 GSM warmly welcome you to have a visit of us

 6s:seiri,seition,seisou,seiketsu,shitsuke,safety,with all these standards, we are going to work harder,and manufacture the best machine for our customers.

If any more question, please feel free to contact us.

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