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Two-day Travel Of GSM

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 27, 2016

Sep.18th,2016 in the morning , Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd(short as GSM ), under the leading of our management Mr.Chen, we take the bus to Zhouzhi water street to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Then to the Taibai mountain. For the two days vocation, it not only enrich our amateur life, but also strong with the relationship of the workers.

The first place of our travel is in Zhouzhi water street, its a beautiful place with water, which is cool in summer.

Then we go to the Taibai Mountain to have a drift. Its a really excited activity, we laugh, scream and splash the water to others.its full of joy and happiness. We do have a good relax from the hard work.

On 19th, Sep., we start to climb the Taibai mountain. Its a mountain famous as the forest and mountains. Inside the valley, its really cool even a little cold, even though its summer now. The altitude is from 620 meter to 3511 meter, the highest forest mountain in China.

   In the afternoon, we take the bus to the company,end the two-day travel. After a good relax, we are now full of energy,and will work more hard. We are not only in the same company, but also we are a big family. 

  If any more question, please feel free to contact us.

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