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GSM Deep Hole Drilling Solution

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Aug 19, 2016

 In order to get strengthen the business administration, and create a more clean, comfortable and high efficiency workshop, also improve our companys competitiveness, we have achieved the 6sorganize, readjust, clean, tidy,safe and professional successfully in our deep hole processing workshop.

  For the improvement of the 6s, we want our workers to have a better understanding of the working efficiency and improve the working condition of our workers. 6s do have a good effect towards our deep hole drilling machine ang gun drilling tools , the working environment is more comfortable and clean, and when working , the good mood also improve the processing efficiency.

   Form the chaos to the tidy and clean, every step is a good progress for GSM, and well try our best to make our company more better, and provide the customer with more good quality deep hole drilling machine and gun drilling tools.

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