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Single Spindle Gun Drilling Machine With Lateral Traveling Bench

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 14, 2016

ZK2130XC/1500 Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Introduced FANUC OI Mate TC for CNC system which is convenient for operation. This type of drilling machine can use GSK 980 TDC for CNC system as well. The workpiece is clamped by two chucks.


Main Parameter of Machine:

1.No. of Spindle1 PCS
2.Drilling Diameter Rangeφ5φ30 mm
3.Bench Area: 1500*600 mm
4.Max. Drilling Depth1500 mm
5.Wokrpiece Diameter Range ≤φ210 mm
6.Max. Length of Workpiece 1500 mm
7.Bench Lateral Moving Distance: 200 mm


Typical Application: concentric holes and eccentric holes of shaft parts; deep hole drilling of plate parts.


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