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Deep Hole Drilling Machine For Big Mold

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 07, 2016

ZK2130G Deep Hole Drilling Machine

The machine is “T” type layout design. Lateral moving bench and upright column are respectively mounted behind the machine bed which is one-piece casted. The machine has high and stable rigidity to ensure drilling quality. Filtering, chip collecting and high pressure collecting system are paced behind the upright column.

The bench is introduced large size and heavy loading capacity design. The moving distance of X(lateral moving), Y(lifting) and Z(drill stem feed) are big and controlled by CNC AC servo system. Especially proper for drilling deep hole of large sized mold, axial parts, box type parts and special shaped parts.

The lifting and feeding are driven by rolling guide rail and ball screw which lead the moving smoothly. This character is good for drilling deep hole of small size. The drill stem feed guide rail is vertically placed which is convenient for replacement of gun drill and observation of drilling.

The protection is partial or full closed design according to specific requirement.


Main parameter of machine

1.Drilling Diameter Range: φ3~φ30 mm
2.Max. Drilling Depth:
 1000mm; 1500 mm; 2000mm
3.Moving Distance(X×Y): 1000×800mm; 1600×1200mm; 3000×1500mm 
4.Bench Loading Capacity: 6T ; 12T; 20T
5.Bench Area: 1200mm×800mm; 1500mm×1000mm; 3000mm×1500mm


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