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Three-coordiante Deep Hole Drilling Machine ZK2130G/1000

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 23, 2016

Three-coordiante deep hole drilling machine ZK2130G/1000

Processing method: external chip removing and gun drilling method.

Drilling hole diameter: 3mm—30mm.

Drilling depth: 1000mm


Drill stem: frequency speed adjustment, rotating and feeding.

Traverse of the drill stem: cnc control.

Worktable: cnc control

Workpiece: fixed on the worktable.

Guide sleeve: hydraulic driven, close to the workpiece.

Workpiece clamping: shaft parts, which is fixed on the worktable through clamping;plate parts which can fixed on the worktable directly;use the press plate to tight. And only one tiem clamping can finish processing different holes.

Typical application: plate parts, shaft parts and other big moulds.

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