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Four-spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine ZK2108X4B/500

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 20, 2016

Four-spindle deep hole drilling machine ZK2108X4B/500

Drilling diameter: 1.5mm---8mm

Drilling depth: 500mm

Drill stem: mechanical spindle, frequency speed adjustment, rotating and feeding.

Workpiece: rotating at preset speed or fixed.

Clamping: cylinder drive, two clamping cones top tight the workpiece.

Typical parts: needle valve body, nozzle, bone screw, ejector sleeve, etc.


Typical application

This series of machine is widely used in processing concentric deep hole and precise shallow hole of parts like steering shaft, rack shaft, gear shaft of gear box, crank shaft, connecting rod and cam shaft of automotive parts and engine industry; injector body, needle valve, plunger bush etc. of oil nozzle and pump industry; titanium and stainless steel bone screw of medical equipment industry; all kinds of stator of textile machinery; input and out put shaft of motor; small and medium shaft parts of military industry.

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