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BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine ZK21150D/2000

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 16, 2016

BTA deep hole drilling machine  ZK21150D/2000

Drilling method: BTA internal chip removing.

Drilling hole diameter range: 40mm----80mm

Extend hole diameter range: 80mm---150mm.

Drilling depth: 2000mm

Max. workpiece diameter: 1250mm(clamped by four jaws)

Clamping diameter of hydraulic center frame: 680mm.

Drilling ability: Concentric hole

                     Eccentric hole(Max. indexing hole diameter 600mm)

                     Inclined hole

Typical workpiece: shaft type parts.


Drill stem: frequency speed adjusting, rotary and feed.

Workpiece spindle: fixed and non-roatry.

Guide sleeve: hydraulic driven,  close to workpiece

Clamping: hydraulic chuck, hydraulic center frame.

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