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Counter-rotary Four-spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine ZK2108×4C/300

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 13, 2016

Processing method: external chip removal gun drilling method.

Drilling hole diameter: 1.5mm----8mm

Drilling length: 300mm from one side.

Automatic loading mechanism: it can place 22 pcs workpiece at a time. The rack is driven through servo control and transversal travel. Processing two workpiece at the both side for one time. Only need to set the program for one time, all the 22 pcs workpiece can be processed.

CNC system: GSK980TDC/FANUC OI Mate MD

Drill stem: frequency speed adjustment, rotating and feeding.

Guide sleeve: guide sleeve on the left axial restraint, guide sleeve on the right hydraulic driven, both to tight the workpiece.

Clamping: use self-centering V shape  special fixture to clamp the outside diameter of the workpiece. Hydraulic driven to tight the workpiece, accuracy and reliable.

Typical application: step hole of ejector sleeve, cam shaft etc. shaft parts.

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