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ZK2125×2C/1500 Laterally Travelling Gun Drilling Machine

ZK2125×2C/1500 Laterally Travelling Gun Drilling Machine

It’s a horizontally arranged machine, and design with gun drill and laterally traveling worktable. And two-spindle deep hole drilling machine, which improve efficiency when the processing volume is not so large, if for large volume, we also have four-spindle deep hole drilling machine, which can process four workpiece at a time.


ZK2125×2C/1500 gun drilling machine with laterally travelling function

Main Parameter

Drilling Ability

1. No. of Spindle:  2 PCS

2. Distance between Spindle Center:   350mm

3. Drilling Diameter Range:  φ5~φ25.0 mm

4. Bench Area:    1600*600 mm

5. Max. Drilling Depth:  1500 mm

6. Wokrpiece Diameter Range:  ≤φ250 mm

7. Max. Length of Workpiece:  1500 mm

8. Bench Lateral Moving Distance:    200 mm

Drilling Speed

1. Max. Drill Stem Rotary Speed:  5500 r/min

     2.  Feed Speed Range:  ≤1500 mm/min

     3.  Fast Move Speed     ≤2000 mm/min

Drilling Accuracy

1. Skewness:  ≤1.0/1000 drilling depthlength to diameter ratio≤100

2. Dimensional Accuracy:  IT7~IT11

3. Roughness:  Ra0.8Ra3.2    

Machine Power

1. Power of Drill Stem Motor:  7.5 KW

2. Power of Oil Pump Motor:  2×7.5 KW

3. Power of Feed Motor:  1.8 KW

     4Power of Oil Cooling Machine:  3. 5 KW

     5.  Total Power:   40KW

Hydraulic System

1. Max. Flow:    120 L/Min

2. Max. Pressure:   12 MPa

3. Filter Accuracy:   20 um

     4Oil Tank Capacity:     1360 L

Basic Dimension & Weight

1. Ground Area(L*W*H)    6000*2700*1800 mm

2. Distance between Drill Stem Center and Ground:   1070 mm

3. Height from Drill Stem Center and Guide Rail:   242.0 mm

4. Weight of Hydraulic System:   2.5 T

5. Weight of Main Engine:    7.5 T


Typical application:concentric holes and eccentric holes of shaft parts, deep hole drilling of plate parts.

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