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Deep hole processing technology characteristics

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:2018-03-22


Deep hole definesdeep hole processing which can be divided into two kinds: shallow hole processing, deep hole processing and that also include deep hole machining between these two kinds. It is generally regulated the ratio of hole depth L to hole diameter d is greater than 5, that means the hole in the L/d > 5 is called the deep hole and L/d5 is called the shallow hole.

Technological Characteristics
1.The cutter arbor is limited by hole diameter, small diameter and large length, resulting in poor rigidity and low strength. Vibration, ripple and taper are easily produced when cutting and it is also affected the straightness and surface roughness of deep holes.
2.The cooling lubricating liquid is difficult to input to ablation zone without using any special devices when the holes is drilling and and broaching. It makes the tool less durable and the chip difficult to remove.
3.On the course of deep hole processing, we can only listen to the sound of cutting, check the metal chips, hand touch vibration and the temperature of work-piece, observe the instrument panel (oil pressure and current monitoring panel), but not observe the condition of tools cutting directly to judge whether the cutting process is normally.
4.It must use the reliable means for cutting and controlling the length and shape of chip, so as to remove the difficulties of cutting successfully and avoid cutting chips blocking.
5.In order to ensure the operation of the deep hole and achieve the required processing quality, the tool inner (or outer) chip removal device, tool guide and support device and high pressure cooling lubrication device should be added.
6.The drill tool has a poor heat dissipation condition and the cutting temperature increases, so that the tool's durability will be reduced.

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