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ZK2115X4/500 Four-Spindle Gun Drilling Machine For Automotive Industry With High Efficiency

ZK2115X4/500 Four-Spindle Gun Drilling Machine For Automotive Industry With High Efficiency

It’s a four-spindle deep hole drilling machine, which mainly used in high volume drilling concentric hole of small and medium rotary shaft parts. Multi spindle and work position design ensures drill multi workpiece simultaneously. Comprehensive clamping method design with auxiliary support structure makes fast clamping.


ZK2115X4/500 Deep hole drilling machine for high pressure oil rail

Main parameter of machine

Processing Ability

1.       No. of spindle: 4 pcs

2.       Drilling hole diameter: 5mm---15mm

3.       Drilling depth: 500mm

4.       Workpiece: high pressure oil rail of all kinds

5.       Workpiece length: 500mm

     Processing Speed

1.       Max. rotary speed of drill stem: 5000r/min

2.       Workpiece rotary speed: 0 special clamping

3.       Feed speed range: ≤1500mm/min

4.       Fast moving speed: ≤2000mm/min

      Processing Precision

1.       Skewness of drilling hole: ≤1.0x1000(drilling length)mm

2.       Dimensional precision: IT8

3.       Roughness: Ra0.8—Ra1.6  no obvious iron chip scratch

    Machine Power

1.       Drill stem motor power: 2x5.5KW

2.       Oil pump motor power: 2x7.5KW

3.       Feed motor power: 2.3KW

4.       Oil temperature coolant machine power: 4.05kw

    Hydraulic System

1.       Max. flow: 4x40L/Min

2.       Max. pressure: 10MPa

3.       Filter precision: 20um

4.       Oil capacity: 1360L

    Basic Dimension & Weight

1.       Ground area(L*W*H): 4500*3000*1800(drilling depth refer to 500mm)

2.       Distance between drill stem center and floor: 1070mm

3.       Height between drill stem and guide rail: 297mm

4.       Distances between spindles: 140mm

5.       Weight of machine: 6.5T

Machine part processing picture

Typical parts: high pressure oil rail. The workpiece clamping device is specially design for high pressure oil rail.


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