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Gun Drill Shank

Gun Drill Shank

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Description of Gun Drill
Gun drilling represents a advanced and high effective hole drilling technology. Not only used for drilling deep hole(length and diameter ratio >10), but also for drilling precise shallow hole. Gun drill is main tool for gun drilling. It is welded drill shank, drill stem and drill tip together, with a through-hole by which the cutting liquid enters cutting area.
Gun Drill Tip
Gun drill tip of carbide alloy material is the key part. The unique and scientific structure ensures self-guide drilling and reaching a deep hole of high-precision(IT6~IT11), fine straightness(0.16~0.33mm/1000mm) and low roughness(Ra6.3~Ra0.1)  through one-time drilling. The drill tip contains two basic angles, external angle and internal angle(refers to gun drill’s grinding angle). According to workpiece’s material and drilling diameter, choosing the best combination of angles for better balance of cutting force and breaking of chips, and transmit the cutting force to supporting shoulder to guarantee better straightness and coaxiality. There’s small back taper on drill tip, the diameter is bigger than drill stem, which makes drill stem freely rotates inside drilling hole without rubbing against inner wall of drilling hole.
Gun Drill Stem
The material is carbide alloy and processed by rolling, heat treatment and alignment, etc. The drill stem contains “V” shape groove of 118~120°for the convenience of chip removing. To guarantee reaching fine straightness and skewness, the drill stem’s intensity should be enough to provide enough torque under small torsional deformation. Simultaneously, to absorb vibration caused by high speed rotary, the gun drill needs better tenacity.
Above all, for manufacturing, choice of gun drill’s material, heat treatment and rolling process ,etc. is very important.

Gun Drill Shank
The torque is transmitted between dill tip and machine bed and the oil is sealed by drill shank. High rotary accuracy between drill stem and drill shank can avoid extra vibration to promote processing precision and reliability. A smooth curve groove exists in the joint part of drill stem and drill shank to protect gun drill from damage caused by stress concentration.

Application of Gun Drilling Tools
Gun drilling is a kind of forced chip removing processing. High pressure cutting oil is inserted into the inner hole of gun drill to cool and lubricate gun drill edge. Steel chip and cutting oil are removed along the “V” shape groove, this is name “external chip removing”.
The material for gun drilling is variety. Plastic such as glass fiber and Teflon, carbon steel, alloy, non-ferrous metal, high temperature heat resistance alloy, titanium alloy, etc. can be drilled. So gun drilling is widely used in manufacturing of auto parts, engine, oil pump and nozzle, mining machinery and hydraulic parts, etc.
Processing Accuracy
Hole Diameter: IT6~IT11
Inner Hole Roughness: Ra0.2~Ra6.3
Skewness: 1/1000 (single rotary of gun drill)
                 0.5/1000 (counter-rotary of workpiece and gun drill)
Processing efficiency
During drilling deep hole, it is no need for gun drilling tool to draw back to remove steel chips. According to the type of material and drilling hole diameter, drilling speed is from 30mm/min to 100 mm/min.

Surface Treatment of Gun Drill
Gun drill tip’s material normally is carbide alloy which can satisfy most of materials’ deep hole drilling. But for some special material, drilling with normal gun drill usually causes wasted products or high consumption of tools. So to coat the drill tip or use special material for manufacturing is necessary.
Coating technology can promote traditional gun drill’s cutting character to 30% and to achieve higher fineness and dimensional accuracy in drilling special material.
Application of Coated Gun Drill:

High precise drilling Deep Hole of Soft Material
Drilling Deep Hole of Material of High Hardness
Set diamond blade in gun drill tip is mainly to resolve drilling problem of super hard material or material will cause heavy wearing of gun drill. Using diamond blade requires high stability of drilling. Because vibration can cause break.


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