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Pre-sale Service

1.Confirm the client’s requirement.

2.Accurately design technical solution.

3.Discuss technical solution inside GSM.

4.Technical solution confirmation from the Client.

5.GSM proposal presentation.

6.Manufacturing, testing and inside commission before delivery.

7.Inspection by the Client and delivery arrangement by GSM.



One year for machine; two years for CNC system.

After-sale Service

1.Parts Replacement Service

During warranty period, parts replacement l be free if caused by quality failure. Parts replacement of GSM’s machine will be charged with discounted price if caused by improper operation or out of warranty.

2.Complaints will be replied within 24 hours.

3.Clients’ engineer will be trained about installation, commission and operation, etc.

4.GSM’s engineer is available to visit clients for instruction. If required, GSM should be informed by email / fax at least one week in advance for visa applying and flight ticket booking, etc.


Trouble Shooting

Hole Deviation Out of Torlerance
1. Misalignment occurs when fixing.
2. The fabricated drill sleeve is unaceptable.
3. Drill stem is not properly supported.
4. Distance between drill sleeve and workpiece.
5. Workpiece is il-structured(ovelarge wall distance) or thematerial                 (such as non-uniformity of material).
Fineness Failure of Hole
1. Spindle rotary speed and feed speed are too low.
2. Cutting oil is improperly used:over-low pressure and flow rate; oil
temperature is over high.
3. Cutting oil has bad filteration effect which causes excessive wearing of     four cutting tools.
4. Machine vibrates due to fixing loosening.
Hole Diameter Oversize
1. Misalignment occurs when fixing.
2. Drill sleeve is unacceptable.
3. Three drill bits between sleeve and workpiece cause improper
wear angle.
Bellmouth Orifice
1. Overlarge distance between drill bit and drill sleeve.
2. Guide mechanism's rigidity is over-low.
Short Service Life & Break of Tool
1. Spindle rotary speed and feed speed are over-low or over-high.
2. Drill bit regrinding angle is incorrect.
3. Gun drill mark is incorrectly selected.
4. Cutting oil's using is improper: pressure and flow rate is over-low, oil         temperature is improperly controlled.
Jam or Interrupted of Chip Removing
1. Cutting oil pressure and flow are too low.
2. Difficulty of chip breaking caused by material   (such as stainless steel),   grinding of chip break groove is required.
3. Feed volume is overlarge and spindle rotary is over-low.

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