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ZK2120X4B-A-500 Four-spindle deep hole  Drilling Machine with automatic loading mechanism

ZK2120X4B-A-500 Four-spindle deep hole Drilling Machine with automatic loading mechanism

Automatic loading mechanism of this four-spindle deep hole drilling machine, which greatly save the load and unload time and improve the processing efficiency. It can process eight workpiece at one time, really suitable for the large volume processing.


four-spindle deep hole drilling machine ZK2120X4B-A-500 with automatic loading mechanism 

Main parameter of machine

Processing ability

1 No. of spindle: 4 pcs

2 Drilling hole diameter : 5mm---20mm

3 Drilling depth: 500mm

4 Outside diameter of workpiece: ≤φ80mm

5 Workpiece length:500mm

Processing speed

1 Max. rotary speed of drill stem: 5000r/min

2 Rotary speed of workpiece: 0 r/min.

3 Feed speed range: ≤1500mm/min

4Fast moving speed: ≤2000mm/min

Processing precision

1Skewness of drilling hole: ≤1.0/1000 drilling length(workpiece fixed, draw ratio≤100 )

2 Dimensional accuracy: IT8—IT11

3Roughness of the drilling hole: Ra0.8—Ra6.3

Machine power

1 Drill stem motor power:2X5.5KW

2 Oil pump motor power: 2x7.5KW

3 Feed motor power:2.3KW

4 Oil temperature coolant machine: 4.05KW

Hydraulic system

1 Max. flow: 4x50L/min

2 Max. pressure: 10MPa

3 Filter precision: 20um

4 Oil capacity: 1360L

Basic dimension & weight

1 Ground area(L*W*H):4500*3000*1800 (take drilling length 500mm for reference)

2Height between the drill stem center and ground:1070mm

3 Height between drill stem center and guide rail:297mm

4 Distance between spindles: 140mm

5 Weight of machine: 6.5T


Machine processing part

Typical application: rack shaft, cam shaft, gear shaft, steering parts etc. concentric hole parts.  

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