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Located in Optoelectrical Technology Industries Park, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China.

Workshop is more than 3800m2 with advanced manufacturing devices under the modern quality control system.

2 hours from Beijing, Shanghai by flight .

45 minutes by car from Xi'an-Xianyang International Airport to the company.

Convenient transportation make comfortable trip in GSM.


In-house Ability

Key accessories of GSM Deep Hole Drilling Machine can be manufactured its own>> Assembling is precisely managed inside workshop of GSM.

Power distribution of machine tool can designed.

Software for deep hole drilling machine can programmed inside the company.

Material Storehouse is well managed, material for manufacturing can be arranged timely which ensures the delivery period.

GSM is capable for testing and sample drilling work before delivery. Testing is mainly refers to parameter of oil pressure, drilling tools rotary accuracy, drilling roughness, skewness, etc.

Sub-contract for drawing, in-coming materials, etc.


R&D Ability

R&D team is consisted of engineers with high education degree. They are experienced in researching of deep hole drilling technology and designing of deep hole drilling machine.

Capable for reasonable appearance design of deep hole drilling machine tool.

Core competitive technology is developed by GSM's own. GSM has occupied numbers of technology patents and proprietary intellectual property rights.

Strong ability for customized designation.

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