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ZK2108×2B/500 Two-spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine For Small Hole Diameter In Medical Industry

ZK2108×2B/500 Two-spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine For Small Hole Diameter In Medical Industry

It’s a two-spindle deep hole drilling machine , which mainly use to drill small hole diameter from 1.5mm to 8mm, such as the bone screw in medical industry.


ZK2108×2B/500Two-spindle deep hole drilling machine for small hole diameter in medical  industry


1.Processing method is introduced gun drilling(internal oil coolant and external chip removal);

2.CNC control, the system is introduced FANUC brand;

3.The drilling spindle’s rotary speed is frequency adjusted;

4.The workpiece is automatically located by the chamfer and clamped by clamper.

Main Parameter

Drilling Ability

1.No. of Spindle2 PCS

2.Drilling Diameter Rangeφ1.5φ8.0 mm

3.Max. Drilling Depth500 mm

4.Wokrpiece Diameter Range≤φ50 mm

5.Max. Length of Workpiece500 mm

Drilling Speed

1.Max. Drill Stem Rotary Speed: 15000 r/min

2.Workpiece Rotary500 r/min

3.Feed Speed Range≤1500 mm/min

4.Fast Move Speed: ≤2000 mm/min

Drilling Accuracy

1.Skewness≤1.0/1000 drilling depthnon rotary of workpiece

≤0.5/1000 drilling depthcounter-rotary of workpiece and drill stem 

2.Dimensional AccuracyIT7IT11


Machine Power

1.Power of Drill Stem Motor2×1.1 KW

2.Power of Workpiece Rotary Motor: 2×1.1KW

3.Power of Oil Pump Motor2×4.0 KW

4.Power of Feed Motor1.8 KW

5.Power of Oil Cooling Machine2.8 KW

Hydraulic System

1.Max. Flow: 2×20 L/Min 

2.Max. Pressure16 MPa

3.Filter Accuracy: 10 um

4Oil Tank Capacity: 960 L

Basic Dimension & Weight

1.Ground Area(L*W*H) 4500*3000*1800 mm

2.Distance between Drill Stem Center and Ground: 1070 mm

3.Height from Drill Stem Center and Guide Rail297.0 mm

4.Distance between Spindles220 mm

5.Weight of Main Engine5.0 T

Machine processing part


Typical application: needle valve body, nozzle, bone screw, ejector sleeve.

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