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The centrifuge is for collect oil on the surface of steel chips. Put the steel chips into the rotary drum. The centrifuge seperates oil from steel chip by taking advantage of centrifugal force. The rotary drum can be replaced.


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  1. Before start to rotate, check if the joint of power supply and the position of drum is fixed correctly. Connect the power supply, open the cover, turn on the electrical machine switch to let the drum rotating without any load. The rotary direction should be in consistent with the indicating arrow on the shell. Start the switch of heating wire, and there will be a burst of hot air after a while. If there isn’t any hot air after 5 minutes’ working, examine whether it is blocked in the air outlet of the heating wire.

  2. When drying, the cover should be put down; when loading and unloading, the machine should be power off. The material should be evenly distributed in the drum, otherwise the machine will shake violently because of the unevenness of centrifugal force. The drum can’t be overloaded and overfilled. If the material is fine and contains high density or easy to store liquid, should be centrifugal dried for 1 to 2 minutes, then take out the drum, turn over the material, heating and centrifugal drying to achieve satisfied effect.

  3. In order to stop rotating of the drum, the motor should be shut down firstly, then press the brake pedal. But remember when braking with motor running, the centrifuge can dry without heating, but heating only when motor is power off is forbidden.

  4. Before using the centrifuge, the instruction manual should be learnt and the operation principle should be well understood. In order to ensure the safety in production, frequently examine and maintain the centrifuge, and add high quality lubricating grease to the bearing regularly to keep a good condition of the machine.

Main Parameter

Working Voltage: 380V

Power: 1.1kw

Rotary Speed: 550r/min

Loading Capacity: 75kg

Dimension: 800mm*1000mm*850mm

Dimension of Inner Drum: Φ500mm*H400mm

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