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ZK21150D/1500 BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine For inclined hole

ZK21150D/1500 BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine For inclined hole

It’s a BTA deep hole drilling machine, for the drilling diameter is from 40mm to 80mm, and extend hole diameter is from 80mm to 150mm. It can drill three kinds of hole: concentric hole, eccentric hole(by indexing the workpiece), inclined hole(by putting the workpiece and the machine not in the same axis to achieve the decline.)


ZK21150D/1500 BTA deep hole drilling machine for big hole diameter

                there is a angle between the workpiece and drill stem spindle, which can achieve to drill inclined hole

Main Parameter

Drilling Ability

1.  Number of Spindle:   1 PCS

2.Drilling Diameter Range:  φ40φ80 mm

3.Reamed Hole Diameter:    φ150mm

     4.Max. Drilling Depth:  1500 mm

5. Max. Clamping Length Range  2000 mm

 6.Max. Clamping Diameter of Chuck:    φ1250mm

7.Clamping Diameter of Center Frame:   φ100320mm;  φ300680mm

     8.  Moving Distance of Hydraulic Head:    300mm

     9. Indexed Hole Diameter:    φ600mm

Drilling Speed

   1.  Max. Drill Stem Rotary Speed:  650 r/min

   2.  Feed Speed Range:  ≤200 mm/min

  3.  Fast Move Speed     ≤2000 mm/min

Drilling Accuracy

     1.  Skewness:  ≤1.0/1000 (length to diameter ratio <100)

2. Dimensional Accuracy:  ≤IT12

3. Roughness:  ≤Ra3.2

4. Indexing Accuracy:   ±1′

5. Rotary Accuracy:    ±3′

Machine Power

     1.  Power of Drill Stem Motor:  37 KW

2. Oil Cooling Power:  3.5 KW  

3. Oil Pump Motor:   2×18.5 KW (double pump group)

4. Power of Feed Motor:  2.5 KW

5. Indexing Servo Motor Power:   2.5KW

Hydraulic System

     1.  Max. Flow:    450 L/Min

2. Max. Pressure:   5 MPa

3. Filter Accuracy:   20 um

     4.Oil Tank Capacity:     2400 L

Basic Dimension & Weight

    1.  Ground Area:  7000×3500×2250mm

    2.  Distance between Drill Stem Center and Ground:   1600mm

    3.  Weight of Main Engine:    16 T

    4.  Weight of Hydraulic System:    3 T

Machine processing part 

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