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Center Frame in Deep Hole Drilling

Edit:Shaanxi Golden Stone Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd      Date:2017-01-12

      In deep hole drilling processing, center frame is an important part, and it mainly use to support and right the rotating workpiece. Actually, it has the same function as the support frame in common lathe machine. But always in deep hole drilling, the parts is usually very big, and the rotary speed of workpiece is high, so there should be a rolling support frame.
At present, there are two kinds of support frame: part rolling and integral rolling, and it has three-point and four-point to support.

  1. Part rolling center frame

The structure of part rolling center frame is the same as common lathe machine(picture 2.2), it uses the rolling bearing, which is easy to clamp the workpiece, but the rigidity is poor. The workpiece should have a standard basis, and it’s difficult to find the center. Cause there is not any tailstock on the deep hole drilling machine, if using such kind of center frame, the surface of workpiece should match with the oil supply head’s guide sleeve surface. In order to clamp the big size workpiece, GSM use the self-center hydraulic center frame(part rolling kind), which is easy for clamping and accurate locating.

2. Integral rolling center frame

Integral rolling center frame is used in small and medium deep hole drilling machine, which consists of bearing, supports, support sleeve, support screw and baseplate. Workpiece is inside the support beaing, adjust the support screw to find the center. For such kind of center frame, it has good rigidity and high rotary precision, easy to find the center. But for clamping, it’s not so convenient, you need to move the center frame.

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